At Quality Care for Children (QCC) we are passionate about our role in ensuring that every child has the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. QCC made that commitment more than 35 years ago, and in 2013, that commitment resulted in an impact to more than 100,000 children helping them to benefit from higher quality early care and education through QCC's innovative programs and services. To top off 2013's success, we are proud to have received the Community Foundation of Greater Atlanta's prestigious Managing for Excellence Award. The community invests in QCC to make a positive difference for infants and young children. We "manage for excellence" in order to fulfill that promise.

The challenge of ensuring that all children are nurtured and educated and ready for success in school, will not be met by QCC alone. It requires a widespread public commitment. We are excited about QCC's part in changing the public conversation about the care and educational needs of infants and young children. Community leaders, who establish public policy and influence community practice, are seeking out our distinctive perspective. The philanthropic community, whose investment in young children and their families is so critical to children's success, is utilizing our data and depth of knowledge to make the best investments. Our partnerships with corporations, small businesses and other non-profit organizations, are engaging new community members in support of children and families. In all arenas, we are giving voice to parents and care providers as we advocate for the resources and opportunities our children so desperately need. We strongly believe that it is through our unique perspective, our expertise, and our partnerships that we can change the public discourse and thereby ensure that we achieve our vision – that each and every child reaches his or her full potential.

Pam Tatum, CEO